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Former White House photographer Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA is as well known for her portrait photography as she is for good Army, USMC, USAF and Navy military promotion and retirement ceremony professional photography and videography in DC, VA and MD which she covers with her USMC-retired and professional photographer husband Todd A. Smith.  Attlee Photography's recent coverage of a DC Army promotion ceremony at The National Archives in Washington, D.C., directly in front of the Declaration of Independence, was especially picturesque. 

Tracey Attlee has also earned an excellent reputation as a top quality photographer and videographer of Navy, Army, USMC and USAF military Full Honors ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and samples of her patriotic canvas wall portraits hang at Ft. Myer Officers' Club and in many of the top funeral homes throughout northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. region.

Tracey Attlee teams with architectural photographer Todd A. Smith to create beautiful photos and videos of Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, including fine art video shows that feature freshly captured video clips and live sound they record and produce, blended with their own high quality photography.  Attlee fine art video shows from Arlington Cemetery Full Honors Ceremonies are impressive in effect and quality because Attlee hand retouches each image and personally produces each video show frame by frame with images, videography and professionally recorded sound she freshly captures at each particular Honors Ceremony.  Never a show filled with stock pictures or music borrowed from someone else's event, Attlee fine art video shows from Standard and Full Honors Ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery are created uniquely from each event covered, making them a personal treasure for your family for generations.


Tracey Attlee's own family experienced the consequences of war and it inspires her and husband Todd to create lasting tributes to our nation's heroes.  Tracey's father, Gardner Attlee, was combat wounded WWII Navy so she has a lifetime of experience watching a parent struggle with permanent war injuries.  Then there is a man she never met, her Uncle Mike, lost at sea, KIA, WWII. Every family holiday Tracey's grandmother would go to her special drawer in the kitchen and take out her son's Purple Heart medal for Tracey and her cousins to see.  Grandmother wanted her grandchildren never to forget their Uncle's patriotism and memory.  Tracey's grandparents had no opportunity to view an Honors ceremony for their son.  A shocking government telegram followed by a grim package of personal effects followed by a Purple Heart medal in the mail was their last farewell.

Anyone who has tried Full Honors videography or photography at Arlington National Cemetery will tell you it is the hardest two hours of work a professional photographer can do, emotionally and physically, especially when complicated by pouring rain, howling winds or swirling snow during the Ceremony.  But Tracey knows nothing can be as difficult as what the deceased's family is enduring.  So, Tracey Attlee has respectfully covered military Honors ceremonies for the last 15 years with her husband Todd A. Smith, a retired U.S. Marine and an award-winning professional architectural photographer  

Please call Tracey Attlee at 703-751-1778 if your family needs good, reliable, trusted, experienced Arlington Cemetery military Full Honors or memorial funeral service photography or videography.  Tracey Attlee will personally cover your event to ensure you have a beautiful family memory for generations.

Tracey Attlee is highly recommended by Joseph Gawler's Sons, Inc., Washington, D.C.; Murphy Funeral Home, Arlington, VA; Fort Myer Officer's Club; Columbia Gardens, Arlington, VA; Funeral Choices of Chantilly, VA, Demaine Funeral Home, Alexandria, VA and Demaine Funeral Home Springfield, VA for professional military Full Honors photos and video at Arlington National Cemetery, Columbia Gardens, Quantico National Cemetery and elsewhere in the Washington, D.C. region.

  Tracey Attlee Professional Photo and Video for Top Arlington Cemetery  Military Full Honors Ceremonies, DC Military PromotionsRetirement

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New High Definition Fine Art Video Shows by Tracey Attlee for Military Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery

Former White House photographer Tracey Attlee produces high definition fine art video shows that are a popular new alternative to standard video for Army, Navy, USMC and USAF Full Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.  

Far more creative than standard video, Attlee Photography fine art video shows feature high definition video clips blended with hand retouched photographs and freshly recorded audio from each particular military Honors Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery they cover.  

Below is a fine art show sample by Tracey Attlee made as a fitting tribute to American Airman Col. William Lloyd Richards USAF from his Life Celebration at the U.S. Air Force Memorial, Arlington, VA and later that day from his Military Full Honors Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.  (Our thanks to the Richards and Ficke families for permitting us to post the show for the benefit of all veterans and their families.)

When Attlee Photography creates a fine art video show for a client, the video, photographs and audio are arranged to honor and glorify the memory of your loved one and their service to our Nation.  While we include clips of the family and friends in attendance, the show focus is centered on the protocols and beautiful details of this once-in-a-lifetime, most privileged military Ceremony.

Artistic, high definition, high quality fine art video shows are made from the unique sights and sounds of each particular Honors Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery no matter what the weather.  Each show is produced and delivered with pride and thanks from Tracey Attlee of Attlee Photography, Alexandria, VA.  (Reprinted from the professional blog of Attlee Photography)

Attlee Photography and Video for Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Air Force Full Honors Ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery

Attlee Photography and anyone who professionally covers full military Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery will tell you it is among the hardest two hours of work a photographer and videographer can ever have, physically and emotionally. In fair weather, Arlington is a lovely nature preserve with impeccably tended gardens and grounds. But when icy winds howl as rain, hail or snow rage down from the skies Arlington becomes quite another place.  For the photographer, it becomes a fight just to work.  The first problem becomes keeping your electronic cameras dry. You've got to hold a golf umbrella over your digital cameras while you shoot so they don't short out.  Try that in gusting winds when its raining sideways.

Meanwhile, the military escorts, teams and firing parties have their own demons while making a beautiful, lasting tribute of each Honors ceremony. Once Navy personnel arrive in their gleaming whites they must stay on the grounds all day long. Yes, they have a bus, but that is their only refuge. No going back to the barracks to get dry or thaw out. Just stay on the bus and shiver until the next ceremony. And those sharp looking Marines? They have a bus too. And that is where they stay all day long in between ceremonies. Standing up! They even eat their lunch standing up. Yes, Marines are ordered to stand up all day long so their dress slacks and tops do not wrinkle. That's how they stay so sharp looking.  Freezing temperatures during the ceremony? Ear muffs might be nice but you'll never see them on a Marine. Impressed with the gleaming tack and shining coats of the horses in the Army Caissons? Army Caisson personnel arise every morning at 4:30 a.m. in order to groom the teams of horses then shine, polish and prepare tack, boots, hooves and uniforms for a day of Honors Ceremonies.

This note is to say Thank You to all military personnel who make each Honors Ceremony so very special, beautiful and unforgettable for grieving families.  Your sacrifice and efforts are noticed and appreciated!

Tracey Attlee is a professional No. Virginia corporate, wedding, portrait, military promotions and military retirements photographer and videographer.  Tracey Attlee is also an experienced Army, Navy, USMC, Coast Guard and Air Force military Full Honors Ceremony videographer and photographer at Arlington National Cemetery and Columbia Gardens, Arlington, VA.   Tracey Attlee Full Honors Ceremony military photography and videography is recommended by Money and King Funeral Home, Vienna, VA and Joseph Gawler's Sons, Inc., Washington, DC and Murphy Funeral Home, Arlington, VA and Columbia Gardens, Arlington, VA and Funeral Choices of Chantilly, VA, and Demaine Funeral Home, Alexandria, VA and Demaine Funeral Home, Springfield, VA for professional Full Military Honors photos and videos at Arlington National Cemetery, Columbia Gardens and Quantico National Cemetery in the Washington, DC region.  (Reprinted from the professional blog of Attlee Photography)

All Images Copyright Tracey Attlee 2017

   What Military Families Say about Attlee Photos and Video of Arlington Cemetery Honors 

"Tracey Attlee, the photographs of our father's burial at Arlington National Cemetery are simply incredible.  My family was blown away how you captured the most important moments as well as shots we would never have thought of.  We never knew you were there but the pictures are so up close and personal.  You and your husband clearly have a knowledge and respect for this most important military honor.  Thanks so much for capturing these memories, being so professional and truly great to work with."  John Molli, Director, Wells Fargo Bank

"Tracey Attlee, you and your husband did a wonderful job of photographing my husband's Honors Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. The only time I saw you was at the every end when we were leaving the cemetery.  Your photographs captured so much of what I did not see.  I find them comforting and very beautiful.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Sincerely, Marsha

​"Thank you Tracey Attlee and your husband so much for the beautiful pictures of Dad's Full Honors at Arlington National Cemetery and the hand delivery of the disc at my front door.  Everyone is thrilled with the way you captured the events of the day. The day was something to treasure for sure and you made it possible to keep in our hearts."  Thank you so much, Joyce

A Fitting Tribute to an American Airman Col. William Lloyd Richards USAF, decorated Vietnam Veteran and True Patriot!  fine art show featuring his Life Celebration at the US Air Force Memorial, Arlington, VA and later that day his Military Full Honors Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery photographed and produced by Tracey Attlee, Alexandria, VA and Todd A. Smith, USMC ret.