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       Top DC MD VA Business, Foundation, Military and Social Media Marketing Videos

Does your No VA MD DC startup, non-profit, association, city or corporate business need fresh new social media marketing videos but the cost for hiring a full scale production company have you hesitating? Attlee Photo Video in Alexandria, VA is your answer, owned by Tracey Attlee a proven videographer and photographer who for 30 years has worked throughout official Washington from the White House to the Congress and Pentagon, from blue chip law firms and foundations to startup,  small and medium size businesses. 

DC and No VA business, foundation, government and law firms rely on Attlee for her beautiful footage, organization and responsiveness. 

Client ask:  film and produce a 3 minute video about the graduation of Alexandria, Virginia city employees selected for an inaugural advanced leadership training program held over an intensive five month period led by city leaders and proven experts in the field.

Filmed and produced by Tracey Attlee, Attlee Photo Video, Alexandria, VA

Client ask:  film and produce a highlights video about a new program educating top city employees on all aspects of leadership in preparation for future promotion.

 Filmed, photographed and produced by Attlee Photo Video, Alexandria, VA

Client ask:  a two minute slideshow of photographs and video clips narrated by select audio recorded over the course of a three day conference in Washington, D.C. at The Mayflower Hotel

Filmed, photographed and produced by Attlee Photo Video, Alexandria, VA

Attlee Photo Video social media marketing pieces are expertly shot and post produced in house. We have years of experience behind the lens and previous White House service. You'll find Attlee rates are significantly lower than those of the local production companies; we own the space where our business is located and we bring our equipment directly to your office or conference to film.  Whether its video for social media marketing, keynote speakers, education, roundtable talks or large screen conference projection Attlee Photo Video is ready to help you.  Statistics show video is watched most on social media.  You can trust your DC MD No VA startup, small to medium business or foundation video projects to the expert eye of Attlee Photo Video.

Client ask:  film a prestigious Princeton university professor discussing his new foreign policy book before an audience nearing 200 participants at an evening DC conference event.

Filmed and produced by Attlee Photo Video, Alexandria, VA

Top Marketing Videos for No VA, DC Area Startups, Business and Veterans

Pearmund Cellars, a northern Virginia winery, attracts retired generals, White House staffers, brides-to-be, children, pets, families and couples to socialize, wine taste and nibble this star military chef's treats on the tree dotted, lush rolling hills of Pearmund Cellars in Broad Run, VA.

Video by Tracey Attlee, Attlee Photo Video

K Aubrey Flowers is a boutique florist shop in Alexandria, VA owned by Kevin Canfield who also arranges flowers for The National Cathedral, Washington, D.C. and exclusive private clubs throughout the DC and northern VA areas.

In this video Mr. Canfield explains and demonstrates the most effective way to pin on a gentleman's wedding boutonniere.

Video by Tracey Attlee, Attlee Photo Video

Welcome to Attlee Photo Video in Alexandria, VA

If your No VA or Washington DC foundation, law firm, think tank, society or small business could use fresh marketing, social media, thought leadership videos Tracey Attlee Photo Video in Alexandria, VA is ready to help you.  Attlee Photo Video clients include the City of Alexandria, VA,  Covington&Burling, Perkins Coie, McLarty Associates, Brustein Manasevit, Toll Brothers, Alexander Hamilton Society, Shepard Fong.

Attlee videos are clear and crisp whether viewed on a mobile phone or a 70" screen because we shoot with great equipment. If hiring a full scale production company is too much for your budget, Attlee's state of the art mirrorless video cameras do a top professional job of filming for best display.   Whether for online corporate social media marketing or projection at shows and meetings, Attlee Photo Video films for clients throughout the D.C. region because our quality is exceptional and our experience is broad. 


Tracey Attlee has 30 years behind the lens and prior White House clearance from 11 years as a freelance still photographer for the Associated Press and the New York Times covering official Washington.  She remains easy to clear to this day and laughs "I've had more bomb dog noses in my camera bags than most others I know."

Since 1996 Tracey Attlee has also served as a private family photographer for Sharon Percy Rockefeller who entrusts Attlee with family weddings, official family portraits, business portraits and, during Senator Rockefeller's tenure in office,  re-election campaign portraits.

Throughout 2016 Tracey Attlee held a freelance contract with Boeing and a Boeing security clearance for producing visual content throughout their offices in the DC region and in 2018 she similarly served Covington and Burling LLP and General Dynamics.

For the past 22 years Attlee has regularly filmed documentary videos for military families attending Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.  In an around this work she has put her experienced eye toward helping DC, MD and No VA foundations and businesses market themselves on the internet with her videos.  Call her today to discuss your upcoming project.  She'll gladly give you an estimate and come see you in person to discuss your vision and what her experience can do for you.

Call Tracey Attlee, Attlee Photo Video now:  703-966-9938

Email Tracey Attlee: 

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